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How TED Culture Destroyed the World, Literally « Mike Caulfield

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"Mike Caulfield keys in on the problem with TED more precisely that I ever have: "It’s the culture that surrounds TED. Because the culture of TED is what allows people like Lomborg to have more influence than actual experts. The idea of TED is that you’re smart enough to get it in 10 minutes or less, and the story that TED-ites love (b/c it supports that narrative) is the story of someone outside the 'industry' or research area coming in from another area and declaring at a glance what everyone has missed. So we get economists talking about global warming, game designers talking about learning, techies talking about political gridlock, and choreographers talking about physics. It’s so simple, they tell us.""

Nothing that's great comes easily.

So..... TED is evil because it gives a forum to academics who buck orthodoxy?

And I find funny, that to illustrate his point, he quotes a book written by someone with fewer academic credentials than the subject he's criticizing! This sounds like an annoying rant by an elitist who can't tolerate the idea of outside insight.

I stopped watching TED videos like I stopped reading business books...

Too much of any one thing is not a good thing.

Some TED videos, like some business books, are worth the time.

These ones:

inspirational messaging I think has jumped the shark.

People are becoming desensitized. Over-saturation, over pinterested, over Facebooked and over-twittered.

I think we need more gritty stories. More fiction and wonder and marvel. Less 18-minute perfected scripted videos.

Let's introduce a little more chaos.

PS switching an actual TED / startup school in-person is fabulous. I think we lose something with the asynchronous affair.

The word I'm looking for is context and serendipity.

You may find a lion in the zoo, but I guarantee it's nothing like the lion in the Masai or the great Serengeti.

Some things need to be experienced in the wild to truly understand.

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