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SALT LAKE CITY Tribune endorses ... OBAMA?

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In considering which candidate to endorse, The Salt Lake Tribune editorial board had hoped that Romney would exhibit the same talents for organization, pragmatic problem solving and inspired leadership that he displayed here more than a decade ago. Instead, we have watched him morph into a friend of the far right, then tack toward the center with breathtaking aplomb. Through a pair of presidential debates, Romney’s domestic agenda remains bereft of detail and worthy of mistrust.

Therefore, our endorsement must go to the incumbent, a competent leader who, against tough odds, has guided the country through catastrophe and set a course that, while rocky, is pointing toward a brighter day. The president has earned a second term. Romney, in whatever guise, does not deserve a first.

This could be a game changer.

I hope so.

More discussion here.

It's unusual for someone to break ranks like this. Mormons never go against their own.

It's looking more likely Romney will take the popular vote but not the electoral college.

We'll see soon enough. Deep entrenchment on both sides.

I re-read the article now that it has gotten more than 5000 comments.

My favorite paragraph:

Romney has repeatedly refused to share specifics of his radical plan to simultaneously reduce the debt, get rid of Obamacare (or, as he now says, only part of it), make a voucher program of Medicare, slash taxes and spending, and thereby create millions of new jobs. To claim, as Romney does, that he would offset his tax and spending cuts (except for billions more for the military) by doing away with tax deductions and exemptions is utterly meaningless without identifying which and how many would get the ax. Absent those specifics, his promise of a balanced budget simply does not pencil out.

“Of course they add up!” He was offended at the mere suggestion that they would not. “I was someone who ran a business for 25 years.” That, alone, was supposed to exempt him from explaining how he will cut taxes for the rich, add to defense spending and eventually balance the budget.

We live in a society, not a business.

So anyway, I'm betting he endorses Obama, and the wrath of the Republicans will be MIGHTY.

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