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Apple October 2012 Press Event: What is rumored to be announced at Apple's October 23, 2012 event? - Quora

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"We have a little more to show you."

At the beginning of the year, Tim Cook said they were going to revamp every single product line this year, and this will almost certainly be their last media event of the year.

The event will start with a recap of the iPhone 5 launch, the phenomenal sales numbers and media praise.

Then they'll move on to sales of the iPod nano and iPod touch. They'll show the new commercial, and show some great numbers.

They'll do a quick recap of iTunes 11, remind everyone that they said it would be out in October, and announce that it's available as of now.

They'll talk about how it's in Apple's DNA to make their products better over time, and how because of their experience and product volumes they can make products of a higher quality and precision than anyone else in history.

It also lets them make things smaller.

They'll talk about the 15" Retina MacBook Pro, what a game-changer it is and how well it's been received. Then they'll introduce the 13" Retina MacBook Pro.

They'll talk about the venerable iMac. First introduced in 1998, it turned 14 years old this summer. It's been revised over a dozen times, getting better each time. 'Today, we're announcing a new iMac. It may look familiar but it's been rebuilt from the ground up. Faster, and smaller.'

Getting really small, they turn to the smallest footprint Mac, the Mac mini. It getsĀ  a processor upgrade to Ivy Bridge, and will be faster than a Mac Pro from just a few years ago. (It may also be made smaller.)

They'll thank everyone for their hard work and when nobody (and I mena everybody) expects it, Tim Cook will say "Oh, and there's just 'One more thing...'". Cheers from the crowd.

And then they unveil the iPad mini. Base model with 16gigs, Wi-Fi, $399. Right between the iPod touch's $299 and the iPad's $499. $100 more for each bump in storage, and $129 more to get LTE+3G.


Wow, this works so much better on a computer -- does stashing work like this on iPad too?

I wonder how accurate this example is. Will check in a week.

Yes, stashing on computer and iPad are way better than on iPhone. :)

This example seems like the conventional wisdom. Let's see if Apple has any surprises.

I hope they do. If Mr. Cook is a competitor, as Im sure he is, it MUST put a chip on his shoulder to show folks they can innovate post -- SJ

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