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8 signs that you might have #Romnesia:

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Last week, President Obama remarked that his opponent, Governor Mitt Romney, is "moving to the center" because he suffers from "a case of Romnesia," which is to say, Romney has changed his position on many major issues.

Romnesia suffering Mitt Romney

Romney defeats Romney

Romnesia isn't limited to Romney. Anyone could become afflicted with the condition.

So to help you determine if you have some form of Romnesia, here are tell-tale symptoms to look out for...

8. Did your wife tell you 100x times take out the garbage, yet you forget every time? You may have Romnesia.

dress up to take the garbage out

7. Do you leave the toilet seat up, even after hundreds of reminders? You may have Romnesia.

Toilet Seat Up Romnesia

6. Did you forget where the beef is? You may have Romnesia.

Where's the beef Romnesia

5. Dude, Where's My Car? Dude, you may have Romnesia...

Dude, where's my car? Romnesia

Okay, okay, I'll get more serious.

4. Romney went from supporting Pro-Choice, to now being a Pro-Life candidate. This is Romnesia in quintessence.

Romnesia Pro Choice Pro Life

Romney does switch his position on Pro Life and Pro Choice frequently.

Romnesia lol

3. Hispanics are the fastest growing voting bloc in the U.S., and Obama promised to tackle Immigration reform, but didn't. Obama also suffers from some Romnesia.

Obama Romnesia

2. Joe Biden has a rare, incurable case of Romnesia. Or perhaps he just forgets everything.

Joe Biden Romnesia

1. Last but not least, there's Paul Ryan, who devised a big plan to cut the budget, while reducing taxes. That simply may not add up, indicating that one day, he too will suffer from Romnesia about the plan.

Paul Ryan Romnesia

Mittmento = tattoo yourself like in Memento...

Mittmento Memento Romnesia

ObamaCare considers Romnesia to be a pre-existing condition. So you're covered.

Romnesia Obamacare

In the debate tonight, Mitt Romney had Romnesia about his previous policies on Libya, Syria and Afghanistan in his agreeing with Obama's current policies. Really?!

At least now Mitt Romney admits that Al Qaeda is our main threat, not Russia.

Yes, he's got Romnesia.

Romnesia hilarious

Adam Rifkin
Adam Rifkin
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