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The Tesla Approach to Distributing and Servicing Cars | Blog | Tesla Motors

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A journalist from The New York Times recently drove Model S all the way from Lake Tahoe to Los Angeles, a distance of 531 miles, using our new Supercharger system to recharge for free in less time than it took to eat lunch. In case your eye skipped over the “for free” part, I would like to emphasize that again – owning a Supercharger enabled Model S really does mean free long distance travel forever on our high speed charging network. Given the high cost of gasoline, this is something that only an electric car company can offer.


And this is why Tesla, in the long-term, if they can keep their business afloat with cash, will win.

No average consumer in the country would possibly want to turn down a chance for "free" energy to run their cars. Goodbye $4.50/gallon/$100 full tank pump days.

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