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Clouds make me Sad :-(

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iCloud first didn't like my itunes burned CD from long ago, TuneUp wouldn't let me change the songs in the playlist, so I added them all by hand, but then had to wait for the copies to re-upload just to populate the playlist by hand. Not a good user cloud experience...

I skip that and try to go back to work....


Amazon EC2 has a really bad day too.

I go back to trying to recover my Ubuntu machine from a disastrous 11.10 to 12.04 automated upgrade and find out that my grub is completely hosed. After recovering my Ubuntu One password, I realize that my 5GB are pretty useless as they don't save your linux configuration in the cloud.


I finally download a new 64 bit 12.10 Desktop image and save it to a pen drive, boot the machine, format the disks, get the environment up and my Ubuntu 12.10 Dropbox that is supposed to grab a nearest copy of everything to sync on the local network, barfs, wants to restart nautilus, complains about not monitoring changes on the localfs, and then ignores the peer copying mode and starts downloading 22G from the network.

Damn clouds.

Cloud computing means a computer that you don't control is screwing you.

iCloud and EC2 are just big examples of this.

cloud fail funny

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