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Horses and Bayonets

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Obama: ‎”…we also have fewer horses and bayonets. We have these things called aircraft carriers and planes land on them.”

Romney: "...I don't always fight wars, but when I do, I use horses and bayonets..."

Horses and Bayonets

Romney and Ryan: Leading the charge...

Here's the full Obama quote:

Obama quote horses and bayonets

Obama Horses and Bayonets gif

The Romney Navy ride with us...

Horses and Bayonets

America's Horseback Team Romney Ryan Horses and Bayonets

Horses and Bayonets

Rachel Maddow approves Horses and Bayonets.

Romney horses and bayonets you there boy

Twitter loves Horses and Bayonets.

Horses and Bayonets Twitter

And the horse he rode in on.

Ashton Kutcher say BURN

Darth Vader. Bear with me: What if we spent this money on horses and bayonets.

Darth Vader Horses and Bayonets

"Let Detroit go bankrupt!" #HorsesAndBayonets

Let Detroit go bankrupt #HorsesAndBayonets


Paula Dean horses and bayonets

We also have fewer bows and arrows and catapults.

Biden, what do you think?

Three debates in pictures Big Bird Binders Full of Women Horses and Bayonets.

Sergeant, Deploy the Horses and Bayonets lolcat cat

Obama Unicorn Rainbow Horses and Bayonets

Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington: "Somebody ask for horses and bayonets?"

Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington: Somebody ask for horses and bayonets?

The way you wrote that, you almost make it seem like "horses and bayonets" might be actual words from Romney, which they aren't.

Still, Romney should say a bunch of things like that in the last few days before the election. Then Obama's base will be so busy photoshopping together funny remixes for retweeting that they'll forget to vote.

You got that right, Gordon!

I wish Romney had said anything memorable tonight.

Instead all I remember of him was being in agreement with almost all of Obama's foreign policies. So, back to photoshopping...

Romney horses and bayonets

Btw, Mitt Romney never changes facial expression.

Mitt Romney facial expression gif

I think it's time for Horses and Bayonets II: the Sequel. :)

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