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Reading More but Learning Less? - Room for Debate -

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When one of the “big two” newsweeklies is going out of print, it’s clear that Americans are not consuming news the way they used to. Maybe that’s a good thing, if the technology revolution has made it easier to get more of the kind of information and analysis that readers once sought from Newsweek. But if Americans are finding a more polarized reality online, they may have just grown more partisan with less knowledge, making it more important for forums like presidential debates to deal with the details of policy.

In the Web 2.0 age, when many Americans see hundreds of articles every day, are we more informed than previous generations were?

Feels like we're undergoing a similar process as with iTunes / iPod.

More people listening to music, but everyone listens to her or his own music.

More people reading stuff online, but everyone reads what they want to.

For some, Newsweek has been replaced by Facebook, Tumblr, or Pinterest.

Different kind of "news" entirely.

If anything, the electorate seems LESS informed than before on current events.

I blame MSNBC and Fox News for that, but also Facebook.

They polarize, as the article says.

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