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Iron Man 3 Trailer: excitement lvl OVER 9000!

Source: 9GAG

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Why... So... Serious???

What is this, The Dark Knight?

Iron Man Tony Stark Pepper Potts Gwyneth Paltrow Robert Downey Jr oh my god gif

Pepper Potts thinks that Tony Stark should lighten up.

Pepper Potts Iron Man 3

I think she makes the ironman series; she's the woman that bruce wayne never really has, and I think really brings a light-hearted and personal side of Ironman.

You're right, this seems much, much darker than previous Ironmen. ;)

It doesn't hurt to have Christopher Nolan favorite Guy Pearce in it, too.

And I'm happy to see Don Cheadle and Scarlett Johannson returning, too.

Robert Downey Jr is committed to the Avengers sequel as well. That makes five movies as Ironman, at least.

Robert Downey Jr looks very comfortable in the role now...

Iron Man 3 Tony Stark Robert Downey Jr

Yeah, looks awesomely Dark Knight-ish.

Avengers is the #4 box office movie of all time.

Dark Knight is #3. So clearly they have aspirations to go higher. :)

(#1 and #2 are Avatar and Titanic, but neither of those is a superhero movie.)

I see a Hulk influence:

Iron Man 3 Hulk Buster gif HELL YES! - Imgur

Uh... Avengers is the number 1 super hero movie at the box office... Not the Dark Knight

And it's avatar, titanic and avengers is 3rd... 

Thanks for the correction, Allen:

Totally right, Avengers did $623 million and Dark Knight did $533 million. Not even close!

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