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Hacking the Dropbox Space Race |

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MIT team creates a system of automation to with the Dropbox Space Race.

Creating a ton of automated dummy accounts is probably not what Dropbox had in mind when they created this promotion.

Re: "But we didn’t stop there. A simple referral only gets us one point, for more points the new account actually needs to start “using” Dropbox. For the purposes of getting referral points, this means completing Dropbox’s “Getting Started” wizard, and sharing a file with someone else. This involved need the csrf token from the page and watching the ajax requests that were made to complete the steps online. The token was then taken from the cookie of the Mechanize browser that was used to log the user in."

No, I'm sure not. It's a great breakdown of how they did it though, and for us less technical people that are learning, it's a fun read.

It does sound like they had a lot of fun with it, Matt. :)

Thanks for sharing...

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