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The iPad Mini Is Not Overpriced, And Sales Numbers Will Prove It | TechCrunch

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The iPad mini will make sense to the millions of Americans not working for venture-backed companies or in an industry where jobs are growing at an increasing rate.

Many middle Americans I know bought crappy android tabs because they couldn't afford/didn't want to drop $500+ on an iPad, and would be more than happy to pay $329 for a one-time expensive Christmas or birthday gift for a family member.

I think the iPad mini will be one of -- if not *the* -- most popular holiday shopping gift this season.

It's a good point.

A lot of people don't trust Android after a bad experience with it previously.

Which is too bad -- the Nexus 7 is a beautiful device.

The first gen Kindle Fire had a screen that made it unusable, too.

If iPad Mini siphons some of those people, it's a win.

But they'd definitely sell a lot more if it were cheaper -- 299 or 249. At 199, game over for everyone else.

This is true. Guess apple doesn't like the concept of a loss leader.

Apple really doesn't like the concept of a loss leader.

I heard that the white iPad minis are already sold out in pre-order.

Apple doesn't have to. Ultimately, I don't think 7" tablets are worth any price; I think that's what they're banking on.

Apple iPad mini is the ultimate gaming device: ; it's better than the Wii U at a comparable price, will have more access to games, and 7" tablets suck, they really, really suck.

I've owned a Kindle Fire , and although have not played with a Nexus 7, the screen is simply too small to be worth it. It's too close to an iPhone, or especially the Samsung Galaxy Tab Phone or whatever they call it. It's the Samsung phone with a HUGE screen, that barely fits in people's pocket.

The only reason to buy a 7" tab is for price OR because you have a ton of content tied up on Amazon (Music, Movies); books are irrelevant since Kindle app works great on almost all mobile platforms. Why would anyone buy a Nexus 7?

That's not clear to me. Not at all. Google has no content advantages over Apple or Amazon, and their apps are at best on par with Apple.

I think the obvious choice would be Kindle Fire HD w/no ads at $217 or an iPad mini at $329.

Google device works best with Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Drive.

A complete enterprise solution. Let Amazon and Apple fight over consumers.

The other thing Google has going for it is that it's the cheapest. Why buy tunes on Apple or Amazon when you can watch or listen to YouTube for free?

I'm beginning to think you're right that $329 is not too much for iPad mini.

Target market: kids whose parents will pay.

The enterprise solution for startups and founders, maybe. :) I think empirical data will suggest that the majority of enterprise users are still on Outlook, Office, and perhaps eventually SkyDrive if not Dropbox. Or whatever Aaron Levie, the new Oracle of enterprise startups, would tell us. (Pun intended :) ) Surprise, surprise; Microsoft is betting the farm on getting into tablet and phone market with Windows 8, which eats Google's "enterprise" advantage.

You're right about the Gmail/Docs/Drive solution being an interesting one; Apple needs better internet services -- which is why I think Apple should buy Yahoo: . But Google's strength is price, not services, since I can have near-Google integration with Gmail from an Apple device and use Dropbox/Apple iWork as a *great* alternative to Google Docs/G Drive.

YouTube is getting better at ads these days; which is great for Google and YouTube's business, but is worse for folks who want to use YouTube as a music player. Spotify potentially eats Apple/Amazon advantage in this, which is why I believe Sean Parker that Steve Jobs (or perhaps, Eddy Cue ) tried to block Spotify for years from coming to the US.

I may seem like an Apple fanboy; however, I just think empirically they have the best products, and anecdotally Android tablets really, really suck -- at least before the Nexus 7.

Both Google and Microsoft are realizing that they need to make their own hardware; GOOG with their Motorola Mobility purchase and MSFT with Xbox and now Surface.

I think the most interesting wildcard is Samsung; Samsung is, in my opinion, steadily placing itself as the #2 most important computer company in the world, as hardware becomes increasingly important in its relation to software.

Actually, I'm revising that; Apple is not going to buy Yahoo, they will partner with Yahoo on search, maps, and possibly mail.

Marissa Mayer going to Yahoo will be the worst thing for Google on mobile; 300m iPhones and tablets, + Xm Macs that will have Safari as a default browser and YAHOO as the default search, not Google.

How much revenue, do you think, that would cost Google?

And oh boy, it's coming. That's Phase II of the thermonuclear war.

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