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Zynga lays off 5% of its work force, ending 13 games - Bottom Line

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It's a little odd. Zynga takes older titles and ships them off to Zynga India to keep the games and content fresh, and once they fall below a certain threshold or get replaced with new games, they retire them. Maybe they are shutting down under-performers or pre-maintenance mode games?

How many games does Zynga have if they're ending 13 of them?

Do those 13 games only represent 5% of the games?

It makes sense to retire games but it's better to have franchises like Madden Football, Angry Birds, or Farmville.

great picture

I was wondering what that was a picture of.

I think it kind of looks like Pincus.

It looks disturbing. Good imagery for a Limbo-style game, though. is titled "intolerance" and yes, that picture is more interesting than that silly billion dollar company zinga

Actually, it does have the potential to be a Zynga game: IntoleranceVille ?

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