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How do people like Chris Sacca feel about Lance Armstrong being banned from cycling?

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God seriously help the families of the men who took Lance down when their families too are stricken by cancer.

"Brook, I think its difficult for people who haven't been affected by cancer to comprehend the enormous benefit it is to have Livestrong's resources and support available for use by survivors, their family, and friends while they are in the crux of fighting cancer or dealing with its lasting impacts.

I pray these folks never have to really comprehend this benefit and cancer never touches their lives. Having said this though, I'm of the opinion that if they did have this understanding they would also understand that cycling is now so unimportant to what Armstrong has helped build. Cycling helped Armstrong have a platform to initially launch, fund, and tout a cancer survivor organization, and cycling was important in these efforts, but because of how he guided its development cycling is now an after thought (with all due respect to his accomplishments in cycling).

My son benefited from access to a Livestrong case manager, cancer information packages (extensive materials) and fertility preservation services. These support services were so critically needed at that particular moment in time in his/our lives that cycling had no bearing on what was really important; Lance Armstrong helped build an organization that would directly help our family (my son) fight cancer. The support of the Livestrong organization was/is the ultimate gift of Armstrong's involvement in cycling."

I'm probably in the minority, but I think after Armstrong had cancer and decided to fight back by competing, all bets were off. To me, he's still an inspiration.

I'm right there with you.

America loves redemption.

Although he has not admitted to cheating, it's clear he knows he did wrong.

It's time for him to write Act III and determine how he will be remembered.

What will be Lance Armstrong's legacy?

That's a work in progress.

I'm not sure. He's not the kind of guy to fade off into the sunset, and I'm not sure he can compete in triathlons given all the negative controversy surrounding him.

I would have considered him to be a possible candidate for senate or house in Texas, but his brand is tarnished now.

If he says he cheated, I don't think people will forgive him because he denied it for so long. If he denies it, after the USADA report, many people will not believe him.

I actually think he could be a great policy maker.

I think if he said he cheated, how he did it, here's how much he loved his new opportunity for life, here are the reasons why and he got caught up on the wrong side of that and never expected to ever be so successful, and he apologizes to all the other athletes and fans he's hurt.

If he does that without being a whiny victim, he might just have a shot.

Ultimately, this is like an assault case. There is no smoking gun. So people will *believe* what they want to believe; USADA released a report, and *everybody* believes that report. When they hadn't released it, most people still rejected USADA's claims.

I think he's an inspiration, I think he'll come back even stronger than before. I hope.

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