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If Mitt Romney Loses, Blame All the Time the GOP Wasted This Cycle - Conor Friedersdorf - The Atlantic

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What I'll think about, if Mitt Romney loses, is the peculiar way that Republicans have squandered time during this cycle. It's a close race. They may well triumph, getting away with their mistakes, as winners always do. But if the GOP loses, time squandered will help to explain it.

The best-remembered illustration dates back to the Republican National Convention, an event GOP officials scheduled in Florida during hurricane season, costing themselves a day. That misstep was severely exacerbated by what happened next. With primetime TV coverage a scarce commodity, the Romney campaign put Clint Eastwood on stage, sans script, and watched as he rambled for 12 minutes. Coverage of the speech dominated ensuing news cycles.

In retrospect, it all seems like one terrible dream between the hurricane and the eastwooding.

They're already talking about post-election?

I think most people are just numb to all the advertising by now; let's just vote. Why don't we have week-long elections anyways?

The first debate was absolutely horrendous for President Obama; one single night took away nearly 40 expected electoral point advantage, an 80-point swing.

I can't even remember what he did that was so bad.

look down, look bored, let Mitt Romney blatantly lie

By the second debate he fixed all those things. I guess he just had an off night.

yes but it gave the media the story they wanted

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