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Why do we iron our clothes? Let’s just wear wrinkled ones

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Ask yourself: Why is it so vital that I be smoothened? There's no functional advantage to eliminating clothing wrinkles—unless you are competing in a timed event that favors reduced drag coefficients. What you're really doing when you leave your house in ironed clothes is engaging in an elaborate signaling ritual. You demonstrate that you have devoted time and resources to ironing (or to compelling other people to iron for you), which in turn connotes respect for a (silly) social compact. You use your crisp clothes to advertise yourself as a rule-follower, and you hope that in turn you will derive benefit from being perceived as one who follows rules. "Oh, he took the time to press his shirt before he showed up for this job interview. So I guess he must be a reliable and trustworthy employee." It's thinking like this that encourages broad-based evil to fester.

While we're at it, why wear ties at all? :)

or pants.

Yes! Or pants. :)

I mostly refuse to iron, my solution...mix a cap full of fabric softener with water & a spoon full of baking soda, spray hanged clothes & smooth out the wrinkles with your hand...maybe tug the sides a bit. That's the best you're getting around here unless something is really jacked up from sitting clean in the basket for two weeks. I do however agree with the no pants idea, I opt for pajamas as the new work attire.

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