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Noonan: When Americans Saw the Real Obama -

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Noonan usually bugs the crap out of me, but she's brought up something no one wants to mention: Bob Woodward's new book about Obama, which seems like the entire Obama Administration is one huge Dunning-Kruger extravaganza.

Why does Romney have to suck just as hard?

"Indeed (excepting Bill Clinton in 1996) since the first televised presidential debate in 1960 when John F. Kennedy beat Vice President Richard Nixon, the incumbent has never “won” the first debate in a televised series. The 1976 debate between challenger Jimmy Carter and incumbent Gerald Ford was a draw and the 1980 debate between Carter and Ronald Reagan was won by Reagan. Four years later, when Reagan was challenged by Walter Mondale, William Safire wrote, “Hitherto-smug Republicans are wondering what to do now that Ronald Reagan has been creamed by Walter Mondale in the opening debate.”

It must be strange to come out of the world of actually running the country to suddenly go back to selling yourself.

There is also points to be gained by the contender finally getting to stand next to the President. Everyone gains by standing next to the President, even his enemies. The lowered expectations campaigned before that first debate shows Obama's folks to know the history, but I am sure they did not expect such a strong showing from Mitt. Underestimating is a dangerous thing with 70 million watching and so we now have the close race thanks to

1)Obama's performance

2)Mitt's performance

3)Media bias for "better" news

I have yet to read the book but I expect it as a xmas gift this year. Perhaps Obama needs some time with a negotiation coach before the 2nd term starts. Have you read it? I am a fan of Woodward, but it seems like a lot of people thought the book was more hackish compared to the critiques on W. Is it just partisan perspective playing a role in the reader? Like, I said, I look forward to reading it to see. Obama clearly did not play the politics of the debt limit right, no doubt.

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