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Nightmare on Elm Street

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Like Nightmare on Elm Street when the girl pulled the phone out of the wall and it kept ATT data connection went down, but I still had Facebook and Path data connections, but not Twitter nor Gmail.

My Gmail is setup to always use SSL. Also, it uses the Apple email app. Twitter I think was just having fail problems.


Some days I just feel like the Interweb and I just don't get along.

You can't have technology without technology fail.

At least, not in this century.

Yes, but it happens so seldom nowadays that I think we're conditioned.

It's like an elevator in a high rise building. Nobody ever thinks of it until it's out of order. It's just part of the landscape.

I've been trained my whole life to accept the fact that software comes with significant fail modes.

So I just shrug. Really, until software gets powerful enough to self-heal, this is likely to continue.

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