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San Diego Zoo PandaCam: Name the Baby Panda until October 30, 2012...

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The San Diego Zoo's sixth cub was born on Sunday, July 29.

Online voting for the little guy's name has begun, now through 5 p.m. PST October 30.

Here are the name candidates for the male giant panda cub at the San Diego Zoo:

1. Qi Ji - Miracle 奇迹 - Qíjī

2. Xiao Liwu - Little Gift - 小礼物 - Xiǎo lǐwù

3. Yu Di - Raindrop - 雨滴 - Yǔdī

4. Yong Er - Brave Son - 勇儿 - Yǒng er

5. Da Hai - Big Ocean/Big Sea - 大海 - Dàhǎi

6. Shui Long - Water Dragon - 水龙 - Shuǐlóng

The polls for the cub's name opened October 23 and will close at 5 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time on Tuesday, October 30.

The results of the voting will be revealed on Tuesday, November 13, at a public naming ceremony at the San Diego Zoo.

You can also LIKE them on Facebook to contribute a dollar to San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy.

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