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The Original Twitter Concept, sketched on paper.

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I found this from 18 great examples of sketched UI -- some of which are absolutely batshit crazy, btw.

Says @jack about the sketch:

On May 31st, 2000, I signed up with a new service called LiveJournal. I was user 4,136 which entitled me a permanent account and street cred in some alternate geeky universe which I have not yet visited. I was living in the Sunshine Biscuit Factory in Oakland California and starting a company to dispatch couriers, taxis, and emergency services from the web.

One night in July of that year I had an idea to make a more "live" LiveJournal. Real-time, up-to-date, from the road. Akin to updating your AIM status from wherever you are, and sharing it. For the next 5 years, I thought about this concept and tried to silently introduce it into my various projects. It slipped into my dispatch work. It slipped into my networks of medical devices. It slipped into an idea for a frictionless service market. It was everywhere I looked: a wonderful abstraction which was easy to implement and understand.

It's a concept sketch. Just think about how far it has come in a decade.

Fwiw the first thought that came to mind as I looked at this is: WHERE ARE TEH FUCKING TWEETS???

Wow this is great! I like how the first two tweets ever are "in bed" and "going to the park" hahaha

That cracked me up too. Even from inception he wasn't thinking tweets would be interesting -- or worth saving!

AIM away/status messages were incredible inspiration.

Looks like he was more inspired by LiveJournal than AIM.

You ever use LiveJournal? It was clearly quite inspirational.

No. I believe you. :) I guess from the Facebook effect it seemed AIM away messages/status and the friend importer were key to early Facebook success.

Don't known about livejournal, but whoever started it should be proud of their work.

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