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Tablet First, Mobile Second. | TechCrunch

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This is how I see the market playing out:

iPad, iPad mini, Surface. Will be interesting to see how many Xbox game devs MSFT recruits for surface tab.

There are more iPhones than all of those put together.

More saturation and a much worse gaming experience, though.

I think iPad mini will become the preferred handheld gaming device.

We'll see. How about that Wii U?

I need to try it! I'm really hoping Nintendo can pull it out and not go the way of Sega. Would be great to see them around for my kids to play one day.

My gut reaction is that it seems halfway between Gamecube and Wii. Not a flop, but I think so far it has definitely failed to capture the imagination like the Wii did -- I vividly remember waiting months and even signing up for email lists that would alert me when a Wii was available at at local store.

The Wii U does not generate that excitement; but perhaps, for all of gaming, we are at a lull in innovation in the post Kinect/Wii/Move era. 3D is not the answer. Nor is $35 handheld mobile games.

We shall see, indeed.