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New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony is a master at getting his way - ESPN The Magazine

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"Behind the scenes, a source close to the team says that William "Worldwide Wes" Wesley, a consultant for the agency that represents Anthony, informed Dolan that Carmelo was not pleased with the direction of the team under D'Antoni. This is nothing new; backstage maneuvering helped engineer Anthony's departure from Denver and Paul's from New Orleans. But when it comes to matters pertaining to Anthony, this source described Dolan as being easily swayed by the notoriously mysterious, famously well-connected and mythically powerful Worldwide Wes.

"Lin was getting what Carmelo was promised," says a source close to the team. "And Carmelo thought D'Antoni was going to favor Jeremy, so he had to get D'Antoni out of there.

"It works out perfect for Carmelo. There's little if any of his DNA on there.""

Used to be a fan of him before the last few years.

"Anthony raised some eyebrows at the Knicks' media day when he said, "I'm done trying to score 30, 35, 40 points for us to win a basketball game. I don't want that role anymore." He lost 12 pounds this summer while working out and playing for the Olympic team. In the London Games, Anthony thrived as a spot-up shooter who destroyed collapsing defenses. On a team of superstars, he was a complementary player, a reliable offensive threat who came off the bench and never complained.

"He's not an alpha dog. He might think he is, but he's not," says a source close to the Knicks. "He needs to be around someone who is feared, someone who could tell him what to do. He just couldn't see Jeremy Lin that way. He could see Kobe and LeBron that way in the Olympics, sure, but not Jeremy Lin. Carmelo's whole thing is perception."

D'Antoni was an assistant coach on the Olympic team. His role? Design the offense. Let that sink in for a moment: Team USA's offense, the one in which Anthony set a single-game U.S. Olympic record with 37 points, was precisely the point-guard- dominated, fast-twitch scheme D'Antoni ran -- and Anthony rebelled against -- in New York.

"It's the ultimate irony of this whole thing," the source says. "Carmelo was at his best and most efficient running that offense. It couldn't be more obvious to him, and he couldn't be more oblivious to it.""

Carmelo's mysterious fast really has me perplexed.

Carmelo Anthony’s mysterious fast is over.

The New York Knicks star abstained from food for 15 days. Why? Well, other than the fact that Anthony said it was for “spiritual reasons” no one really knows.

Carmelo's Mysterious Fast Ends

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