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Yes on Prop 37

Yes on Prop 37

Source: Yes on Prop 37

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Great! We now have the power to push against Big Food!

So why is every major newspaper in California against it?

I do not think the opposition to GMO labeling is, in any way, about free enterprise, law suits or small farmers.

It's about protecting government supported status quo.

Free Enterprise assumes free exchange of products and services for value expressed in money. As a consumer in free enterprise, I need the full information about the product to make purchase decision. If I'm getting misleading information about the product, I'm unable to assign value, so I'm being cheated.

Frivolous lawsuits will not be stopped by canceling rules of civic society like ADA or food labeling.

We need legal reform, when the lawyers can not treat a lawsuit as gambling venture. It's done pretty simple, you can't charge based on the outcome of the lawsuit. The only thing the lawyer should be entitled to is the reasonable, market driven, hourly rate. So the guys, who want to bring the lawsuit need to pay their fees upfront.

GMO by itself is a brain-child of Nixon administration. Monsanto is running FDA and bullying small farmers to use their product to produce government sponsored corn and soy.

Small farmers know very well if they use GMO or not and if they go retail, they totally can add more info to the label, they already have to put on.

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