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The Gamer in Me: The Importance of Being Innovative

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"One thing to realize is that innovation often comes from smaller companies, or at least less well-known games. In Guild Wars 2, the combat its freeform play and its lack of reliance on the trinity of tank, healer, and damager dealer is a signature. However, other games have gone that route in one form or another. Vindictus, Dragon Nest, Tera, TSW, are just a few of the games in recent years to step away from the trinity and become looser and more freeform combat based. Often times it is the smaller games and companies which can afford to be risky simply because they need something to stand out from the crowd. Bungie before Halo, Epic before Gears of War, Bioware before Baldur’s Gate, Eidos before Tomb Raider; and the list goes on. Ragnar Tornquist said in the Eurogamer article: "On the positive side, this brings change to MMOs, and the market needs it. MMOs had stagnated, and that's something we tried to address as well. Hopefully that things are stirring up now means that there can be new games, new types of games, and those will often come from the smaller guys or the medium-sized guys, and not the big ones, because the big ones are playing it safe.""

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