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Awkward Halloween Costumes found on Instagram and Tumblr. Warning: some of these are very wrong.

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aubreyoday posted to her Instagram:

"I'm a lil Indian girl for the festivities tonight! I made my entire costume, including headdress!"

I know she thinks it's an homage, but I think it's awkward.

As I go through Instagram, Tumblr, etc, I keep finding awkward Halloween costumes.

Posting here for your enjoyment...

If you're going to be a cat, stay away from vinyl...

Vinyl Catwoman Halloween Costume

...and also don't skew too cute. Too cute is awkward.

Cute Kitty Woman Halloween Costume

Also, ladies should not go as Mario, Care Bears, Pac Man, Roosters, or Chewbacca. As you can see below, all of these are just WRONG. Stop messing with my childhood!

Sexy Mario Halloween Costume

Sexy Care Bear Halloween Costume

Sexy Pac Man costume

Sexy Rooster Halloween Costume Sexy Chewbacca Halloween Costume

Sesame Street does not approve of the slutty costumes.

Good for them, Soyeun! This sliding scale is quite helpful to anyone who wants to go as Big Bird (thanks to Mitt Romney):

Sexy Big Bird Halloween Costume

Bill Murray tried to find a non-skank costume but eventually gave up.

Fuck it, Going as a Skank Bill Murray Caddyshack

The hot costume this year is Binders Full of Women Costumes.

Awkward bro's like to call attention to their genitals.

Twister Bro Halloween Costume

Dude, no one wants to play Twister with you. Not funny at all.

Everyone else: Don't make costumes that get people to look at your junk.

Instead, go for clever, like this dog carrying a gift costume.

Dog carrying gift clever Halloween outfit

See more great dog costumes for ideas.

Vampires are okay but avoid the awkward creepy contacts, please.

Creepy Contacts Halloween Costume

Also, do NOT dress your dog as a creepy spider. No one wants to see that.

Dog Spider Halloween Costume

Might I suggest instead dressing your dog up like the Death Star?

Dog Death Star Wars

Always a crowd pleaser!

And don't forget the shoes!

Captain America Cute Kid Halloween Costume

Don't Forget Shoes Halloween Costume

Hard to have an awkward costume list without this one:

slutty avengers dudes guys

actually disagree with you on most of these Adam. Most of these are all good fun for Halloween

Tell me that Avengers image isn't awkward. :)

One person's awkward is another person's fun.

We're gonna be the Justice League for Halloween!

Justice League Avengers cartoon Halloween costume

Justice League Avengers cartoon Halloween costume

Tard the Grumpy Cat Costume

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