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Why are you a Republican?

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"OMG, a 16-year-old wrote an intelligent answer." I find that slightly condescending. We used to expect more of our men.

His answer is admirable, but mistaken.

Pick your poison: corporate welfare or citizen welfare. Six of one, half a dozen of the other; however, this man doesn't understand economics enough to grok the concept of corporate welfare.

It is just the type of handout with which he says he disagrees.

Sounds like he'd prefer the promise of reduced taxes over civil rights.

Too bad. You're right that he's been fooled.

George W Bush expanded the deficit a lot more than Barack Obama; if it's fiscal responsibility he wants, then the Democrats are more likely to deliver that, looking at Romney's plan on his website.

But the prospect of delivering tax cuts is simply too tantalizing; you have to give it to these Republican folks, they know how to sell a deal. "We'll lower your taxes, while quietly giving massive tax breaks to major corporations, and we'll spend *more* money on defense...but don't worry, it's fiscally responsible government!" #teaparty