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Computer Scientist Peter Norvig's Presidential Election 2012 FAQ

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A very, very smart man collects some really interesting facts about the election:

This is an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions list) for the 2012 United States Presidential Election. I need to disclose up front that I support President Obama. However, with the exception of the very last question, this FAQ is designed as a collection of factual information (such as the latest poll results) and of analysis that is as objective as possible.

The actual questions that he answers:

  • Who's winning?

  • Wanna bet?

  • How accurate are polls?

  • Where do I vote?

  • What about voter fraud?

  • What do the candidates say?

  • What about the Economy?

  • What about Taxes?

  • What about Spending?

  • What about State vs. Federal?

  • Who endorses each candidate?

  • Are the candidates always honest?

  • How honest or dishonest are they?

  • What happens in case of an electoral vote tie?

  • Who else is running?

  • Is it rational to vote?

  • Who do you think will win?

  • Why do you support Obama?