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Atlantic City Boardwalk Pummeled by Sandy

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There are some stunning Instagram pictures of Atlantic City's Boardwalk getting destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

Will post some here...

Remnants of Boardwalk in Atlantic City.

Remnants BoardWalk Atlantic City Sandy

Atlantic City Boardwalk is completely gone.

Altantic City Boardwalk completely gone Hurricane Sandy

Pieces of the Atlantic City Boardwalk two blocks away in the street.

Pieces of the Atlantic City Boardwalk two blocks away in the street Sandy

Amazing. I've used IFTTT to pull #sandy pictures in as a screensaver. It's a weird form of real time, citizen sourced Life Magazine (circa 1972)... The pictures are good and insanely real.

I'll admit to the twist of fascination, but my heart is wrenched for those families who've lost homes and businesses. Imagine the little kids planning Halloween.

Barbara, that's what I'm noticing. The pictures are good and insanely real. I'm about to post more ones I've found. Cameraphones are so good now, and Instagram makes it so easy to share!

And yes, it breaks my heart to think about the families and people who have lost homes and businesses.

Yeah, I used to have great memories of Atlantic City's boardwalk with my family -- so sad to see this.

Semil, I have fond memories of Atlantic City's boardwalk, too.

Hopefully, they will rebuild it.

Atlantic City is under water.

Atlantic City New Jersey is under water

This picture is fake.

These Atlantic City Boardwalk pictures, on the other hand, is very real.

Atlantic City Boardwalk under water Sandy

Atlantic City Boardwalk flood flooded destroyed devastated Sandy

Atlantic City flooded.

Atlantic City flooded Sandy

On the lighter side:

Hurricane Sandy Shark!

Hurricane Sandy Gangnam Style.

Hurricane Sandy Fake Photos.

Hurricane Sandy Redonkulous Memes.

Emotions aside, Hurricane Sandy has brought out a lot of good in people.

I'm beguiled by interpreter Lydia Callis.

And I like how Chris Christie and President Obama came together.

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