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Le Grand éléphant -- Robot Elephant!

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Amazing images of Les Machines de l'Île, in Nantes, France.

Le Grand éléphant is entirely mechanical. The head moves, the eyes open and close, the mouth opens, the ears move, the trunk shoots water, and the hole thing walks around the Isle.

Le Grand éléphant

Robot Mechanical Elephant

Their next project is L'arbre aux Hérons:

L'arbre aux Hérons

It will be a gigantic structure with lots of micro-ecosystems with different types of plants, and machines like the caterpillar (see next picture) and the Héron on top:

Robot Caterpillar Machine

Imgur says: "Frodo Its an Oliphant!" ~Samwise

Nantes is the birthplace of Jules Vernes.

But seriously, a mechanical robot elephant? Yes, please!

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