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LeBron through the Years, from Boy to Man

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On this page I'm going to collect LeBron's progression over the last two decades...


LeBron James went from "Aw, cute!" to "Killer fro!" in high school...

LeBron James killer fro

In high school he was getting tough...

LeBron James getting tough

And he was all business!

LeBron James all business

The Kobe phase! "AKA, I don't want to be "clean-cut" like MJ (even though I attend a nice, middle to upper class school district). I want to be hard and tough and mean like all my brothers." :)

I like that name for it. Think we'll get a Heat-Lakers final this year?

LeBron skipped college and went straight to the pros...

LeBron James skipped college

...and made Rookie of the Year, and more, despite being so young!

LeBron James Rookie of the Year

LeBron James was an awesome Cleveland Cavalier. Until "The Move"...

LeBron James The Move

Many thought this was a dumb idea...

LeBron James move bad idea

...but LeBron was confident.

LeBron James confident

And he pressed on, deciding to join the Miami Heat.

LeBron James joins Miami Heat

Hometown Cleveland Cavaliers fans were not happy.

LeBron James leaves Cleveland Cavaliers

But LeBron James had made his decision, and teamed up with these guys.

LeBron James joins Miami Heat team

The made-for-tv ESPN Movie! Where they suggested it, endorsed it, filmed it, broadcasted it --- and then criticized him for it later! (Albeit, the analysts and not the executives who surely made the deal).

This would make a great Hollywood film.

The Heat had a great first season with LeBron and made it to the 2011 finals, where they faced off against Dirk "There's No D in Dirk" Nowizki of Mark Cuban's Dallas Mavericks.

LeBron James Dirk Nowitzki NBA Finals 2011

Shut your mouth!

Dirk LeBron 2011

Dirk prevailed, but LeBron vowed to be back in 2012!

I don't always cough but when I do I don't choke

In 2012 LeBron was pretty unstoppable. There was a shortened season and Dallas didn't even make the finals. LeBron and the Heat rolled over the Oklahoma Thunder for LeBron's very first championship ring! He brought the heat. Give that man a donut.

LeBron James Donut

Which brings us to today. LeBron wants a dynasty. But plenty of teams are in the way of a repeat: the newly refurbished Los Angeles Lakers (complete with Steve Nash and Dwight Howard matching set), the newly created Linsanity Houston Rockets (go Jeremy Lin go!), perhaps even a repeat from Kevin Durant's Thunder.

It's going to be a very exciting year of basketball!

And it starts... NOW!

The Rockets should not be on that list. Jeremy Lin is a player, not a team. If Kobe can't win with only him + Pau, how is Lin + Harden any better? :)

The other suggestions are accurate!

During Linsanity, Lin was a player who created a team.

Now we get to see if that was real or a fluke.

You're right. Lin was a player who created a team...until Melo's ego got in the way:

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