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What's in the case?

What s in the case

Source: Whaaat - Imgur

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Remember in Pulp Fiction when we wondered what's in the case?

How about an infinite loop?

Thanks, Reddit.

Except that something glowed in the case as you could see the light on the person's face. Kind of like what's in the trunk for Repo Man, or Ronin.

We took the glowing out of this gif so you wouldn't be blinded by the light. :)

Bruce Springsteen version of "Blinded by the Light" was always my favorite over Manfred Mann and Bob Dylan's version.

Speaking of movies and the history of hidden objects, aka The Unseen MacGuffin, Repo man's Whatcha got in the trunk:

Ronin's "What's in the case" and coffee cup ambush.

Rock n Rolla's hidden painting.

And the speculation what it might be, including the glow.


Or in Belle De Jour, you never see what's inside the box.,69545/

Luis Buñuel’s Belle De Jour, in which Catherine Denueve plays a rich housewife whose fantasies about being humiliated and controlled compel her to take a job in a Parisian brothel, servicing some unusual clients. By far the most perverse of the lot is a heavyset Asian gentleman carrying an ornately decorated box, the contents of which we hear, but never see.

Though they speculate it's male enhancing insects....ewww.

I could go on....

Greg, that is all kinds of awesome. Please go on!

Every time I see the "What's in the Case?" gif, I think of the anatomical recursion gifs.

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