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Oct 2012: Disney buys Star Wars maker Lucasfilm from George Lucas

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This is surreal. It's surreal because the two companies are so huge and their corporate personalities seem so distinct and independent BUT ALSO and MAINLY because they promised more Star Wars films. And on a regular basis (every two years.) What???

Disney now owns Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars.

Time for some cross promotion?

Star Wars avengers Disney lucasfilm marvel

Star Wars avengers Samuel L. Jackson

Star Wars Disney

Yoda hulk whip your butt I will

I guess you forgot that Disney owns all of us, too.

Disney Marvel Avengers

Disney Star Wars featuring Mickey Mouse...

Disney Star Wars featuring Mickey Mouse

Disney Star Wars

Ha. Find it at Disney World just in time for Christmas 2013!

Darth Vader LOVES Disneyland!

Darth Vader Loves Disneyland Disneyworld Disney gif

Whee! That was fun. All those images and ideas. What's left that's not Disney?

GI JOE (Hasbro)

Studio Ghibli


Harry Potter.


My Little Pony and Care Bears.

DC Comics -- specifically Batman and Superman and the League of Justice.

Nintendo -- can you imagine if Disney owned Mario?

Regarding Sanrio, can you imagine if Disney owned Hello Kitty?

Disneyland hello kitty

Disney owning Mattell/Barbie is by far the scariest.


DepressedDarth has a Twitter account. I wonder how he's dealing. :)

RE: Harry Potter! I just realized HP is at Epcot in Orlando!

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