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Lena Durham First Time

Stashed in: Obama!

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This is a really tame video.

Why do we even listen to pundits and politicians who inflame non-issues and distract us from the real issues.

If we increased our math and literacy skills, I believe most folks would tune out folks on either side of the aisle who participate in this incessant and hyperbolic media.

So you like this video?

I think it's pretty awesome, actually.

I'm with Jay Leno. Why would you give yourself to someone who needs 8 years to get the job done?

I don't think it's that original as it was a direct ripoff of the putin ad.

Adam: Yes, I think the video is fun, light-hearted, and probably engaging for young voters -- in other words, an effective ad.

Now, let's say the context of this were, say, a Snickers candy bar, or some other innocuous product not associated with the ultra-conservative "religious right;" perhaps, a Super Bowl commercial -- I think it would be remarkably well received.

It's the politics that upset people, not the video itself. And if they are upset about that video, I pray to the One True God that they don't turn on their TV sets between the hours of 00:00 and 24:00 hours.

Greg: I don't take issue with the video, nor do I care about it's originality to be frankly honest; what I impugn is the motive behind even mentioning this ad in the first place. It has no relative value to the civil political discourse in this country, except, ironically, to encourage people like me who never would have seen it to look it up to see what the big fuss is.

And comparing this to any TV program, I find the fuss to be much ado about nothing.

Let's get back to talking about big issues: Energy, Education, Healthcare, Foreign and Domestic Security, Emergency and Disaster Relief.

The media is too smart for that, though; too smart to discuss in an important and intelligent way, hard issues. Instead, let's just make top 10 lists:

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