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Practice makes Perfect

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Eric should like this.

"When giving advice during practice, it is easy to mistake critique for correction, a subtle distinction. What drives mastery is encoding success—performing an action the right way over and over. A long analysis of why a soccer player's ankle should have been locked when receiving the ball (critique) may be less effective than asking him to stand to the side and strike five balls in a row with his ankle correctly locked (correction).

Technology is a crucial new tool for getting practice right. In contrast to past decades, video is now easy to produce: For a careful assessment of whether someone is encoding successful behaviors, just record a few minutes of action on your cellphone. It also helps to recognize that recording a practice may be more valuable than taping a game."

Were the benefits of practice in doubt? :)

I think so, actually. :)

Added more context to the OP.

Basically, a video game -- immediate feedback e.g. death, success, reward -- is a better feedback loop for practice; you have to do something over until you get it right, as opposed to simply being criticized: "game over."

I agree that feedback loops are essential to learning and improving.

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