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George Lucas Will Use $4 Billion Disney money to Fund Education

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Exactly what I was hoping.

Holy Yoda!!!

By the end of the year, the $4.05 billion sale of Lucasfilm to Disney should be finalized. And since George Lucas owns 100 percent of his company - which has little to no debt - all that money goes to him.

After that, Lucas plans to quickly put the bulk of the money into a foundation which will primarily focus on educational issues...

He sold Star Wars so he can fix education?!!?!?

Had a feeling given his previous commitments in the tens of millions and his age and commitment to the giving pledge.

Could be seen as a Bill Gates-esque move passing the leadership buck onwards.

100% of his company; that's a thing few expect to hear these days...

Remember that he owns his company because he got Hollywood to pay for the movies while he kept control of merchandising.

That will never happen again.