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Sony MDR-NC32NX Neck-Strap Noise-Canceling Earphones - MDR-NC32NX |

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Quest for the perfect headphones (and cute little animes too)

I tested a variation on those by Sony a few years ago and thought the sound quality was good, but ultimately went with their Bose counterpart because I found the Bose to be more comfortable in my ears.


These are my favorite right now. They sound and feel great.

$80 sounds like a deal for those Klipsch's.

NB, the necklace arrangement rocks---nothing in the world like it. You know how that little dongle with the battery and eletronics that wants to rip the phones out of your ears? Necklace prevents that. Add an in-line volume control extension, sold separately, (assuming you have an american-style media player or phone that don't have a place for one of those super-cute asian strappie dealies with the pikachus and feathers and so-forth, or that you want to plug it in to the airplane audio), and you're in heaven. Unfortunately they are a) only available in japan (I got them there in 2006) b) perhaps no longer available at all c) no digital version. Digital is probably not critical but still noteworthy that the tech hasn't advanced in 6 years. The form factor looks sufficiently peculiar that Sony must have decided Americans wouldn't think them cool.

I have them (bought at Yodobashi camera near Yokohama Bay station), but something is coming unhinged. I never travel to Japan any more (market too small). I may have to embark on a surgery.

You're suggestions are 'isolating' not 'cancelling. It's great to be a software guy on the 101 where Caltrain, BART and Muni are your noise sources. The rest of us schlep lots of plane travel, and where active cancellation dominates (low frequency is hard to isolate, easy to cancel).

Ah, I see your point. When I want noise canceling I pull out the big headphones, which aren't nearly as convenient.

Good call, Steph.

The benefit of the buds is that you can roll over etc on them. The benefit of Sony is that they fit well in my ears. I got a pair of Philips once which were very tidy, but they hurt like heartache after about 2 hours (pushing on those little bits of ear that shouldn't be pushed).

I guess I should just figure out how to DIY the necklace arrangement on the new ones. I'm an engineer, I should be able to forge my own auto body panels and all that.

I like your definition of being an engineer. :)

And I agree with the benefit of the buds and the benefit of Sony.

Two other articles worth reading:

3 great headphones for business travel recommends the AKG K 390 NC, but those cost $200.

$8000 headphones? Awww yeah!!

Wow... Those AKG's look reasonably priced compared to the Final Audio.

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