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Android now has 75% of the world smartphone market.

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While we weren't watching, Android took over the world.

Here's the new data from IDC that says Android's unit shipments doubled year-over-year while Apple is up 57%. Who's losing? Blackberry, Symbian, Linux, Microsoft, and everyone else.

Apple is a distant second with 14.9% of the global market.

Yes, that's right: Apple is now the Apple of the smartphone business.

And Google is #1 with Android, which didn't exist 4 years ago.

Now if they can just start bundling Chrome as the default browser, we'll be in da biz-niz!

Coming very soon. Definitely in the next year; maybe sooner.

There's not much more market share to squeeze/.

But it's a growing market, so I could see Android being 90% of the smartphone market within 3 years.

Especially since Amazon devices also count as Android devices.

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