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The Very Best Matrix Memes

The Very Best Matrix Memes

Source: matrix | Tumblr

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So many great Matrix memes!

I'm going to put all my favorites into one page.

Trinity, dial me in...

trinity dialing

Wow, Trinity, phone booths are so 20th century.

What if pay phones are disappearing to make it harder to escape The Matrix?

matrix phone booths meme

Neo vs Agent Smiths gif

Meme. Meme meme meme.

Agent Smith meme meme meme

Illusions Mr. Anderson

Agent Smith beauty

Matrix green screen

Matrix woman red dress

Matrix blue pill red pill

Matrix Alice in Wonderland

Matrix Morpheus you have to understand

This is the sixth time I've stayed up all night to write a paper. And I have become exceedingly inefficient at it.

Matrix Architect meme

Best growth hack on the internets: Lists. :)

top ten tuesday

We shouldn't trust anything in The Matrix. Let's go see the Oracle.

Matrix Morpheus Oracle meme

Matrix Neo Oracle meme

Um, yeah.

There is no spoon.

Matrix Spoon Boy meme

Matrix Keanu Spoon Meme

OC: Project Upvote - Imgur

imgur: the simple image sharer

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