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Sacca: Betrayals at Twitter

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“We all like to pretend that it’s a great love fest and that the greatest investors buddy up with entrepreneurs,” Sacca told an audience at last night’s PandoMonthly Los Angeles. “It’s not all love. It’s not all hugs all the time. It’s real business. The betrayal that you’ll feel in Silicon Valley cuts deeper than that feeling of being rejected at the seventh grade dance.”

Sacca quickly related this sentiment to the game of CEO musical chairs that has been played at Twitter and the contentious ouster of the company’s founders, as the company apparently outgrew their skills as CEO.

“I don’t think the way [co-founder] Jack [Dorsey] was fired was fair,” he says. “I was there. I was an advisor to the company. I was consulted on it.”


Probably in 140 characters, to boot!

Petyr B

He was consulted on it but he doesn't think it was fair?


"The deciding factor in which version of the story gets out is often which individual is able to contact the press first."

Sad, but true.

He was consulted on it but he probably didn't have the power to change it.

Is his view of SV jaded or do people simply not talk about it?

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