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Sad Software

Sad Software

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Starting from a working, high end Windows 7 x64 Ultimate, I give it a go.

My Newegg $69 upgrade comes today, so I stick it in the DVD drive.

No dice.

Thought their new blue screen of death BSOD has a much ligher shade of blue. The old repeatable page fault in a non-paged area trick.


Though their installer BSOD goes for the more traditional look.


I get my system back and figure I'll leave well enough alone and go back to ye ol' Ubuntu Linux machine for a while.

Wait, what's this? My XFS disk somehow has gone to crap under my recently updated Ubuntu 12.10.


No problems. Nothing a quick xfs_repair /dev/sdc1 can't repair...or is it?


Segmentation Fault...I think that linuxspeak for page fault in a non-paged area.

Ubuntu tries to be helpful by telling me again that I had and error and they want to send all the info back. Ubuntu called, they want their non-paged areas back...:-)


No problem. I'll just use the ol' end run around the OS trick and boot into Norton Ghost 15 disk repair. That'll trick 'em.


No go.

I'm going to have to give up on the computers and play some Infinity Blade or Words with Friends on the iphone. Neither starts and infact, they both want to force upgrades.


I guess I'll have to find something on netflix instead...

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