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Robert Shrum: Why Obama Will Win - The Daily Beast

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I've always made the point that things are so close that we won't really know who wins until it actually happens... but I'm going to call it: Romney... and I'm doing so for one and one reason only:

Bob Shrum.

The man is ALWAYS WRONG. It's a running gag in the poli scene of just how consistently the man gets it completely wrong. I absolutely guarantee you that when this story hit that GOP operatives started cheering and Demo operatives started knocking their heads on their desks.

are you searching for things to help pre-justify your desired outcome now? Most of us probably are, but the last two op-eds seem underwhelming compared to the usually good articles you post, Jason. Your prediction has been noted. I wonder what Tuesday night coverage is going to look like. Thankfully, I will wait until Wednesday morning to check for any news.

LMAO.. perhaps... but Shrum really is that bad. I was originally drawn to this article by txt messages from 3 of my operative buddies.

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