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The 1000 Most Visited Sites on The Web

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Facebook has 880 million unique visitors per month and has 1 trillion page views per month. That's more than the next 99 sites combined.

#2 site YouTube has 800 million unique visitors per month and has 100 billion page views per month. It's not a fair comparison since those are mostly streaming videos, but still: one-tenth the pageviews of #1 Facebook.

Several of the top sites are Chinese. Expect this trend to go deeper. > + + + + Microsoft has 5 of the top 21 websites but Yahoo is still way bigger than all of them combined. And that doesn't include Yahoo Japan, which is #28.

Twitter is #15 with 160 million unique visitors per month and 6 billion page views a month -- without counting mobile stats. Mobile probably makes Twitter a lot bigger.

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