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Apple loses tablet market share to Samsung

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How long before apple buys samsung just to get them off the market.

No need. Samsung has low margins, Apple doesn't need to own the whole market to win.

 Then why the lawsuit? Here's the problem; in talking to average consumers, more and more there is less considerable distinction between Apple and Samsung products.

A friend recently told me she didn't want to buy an iPad because it was "overpriced," compared to other 10" tablets in the markets. 

I was confused; I told her, "but you can buy an iPad for $399 -- what 10" tablet can you buy that is cheaper than $399 and high-quality?" 

Samsung, she says. (footnote; she is not even accurate -- but she thought she was, which is what matters.)

Many others have had this same conversation with me, especially about phones. 

I don't think Apple is worried about not being able to innovate; at the same time, with Samsung sure to fast-follow copy any innovation they have over time, the market aggressively copying their product I believe forces them to consider an alternative strategy. 

Apple is used to having a small share high end of the market like they did with PCs and laptops.

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