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International study suggests a massive black hole exists in the Sword of Orion

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(—An international team of astrophysicists, including UQ's Dr Holger Baumgardt, has shed light on the long-standing mystery of the binding force behind a cluster of unruly and rapidly swirling stars located in the famous Sword of Orion.

 A 200Msol black hole only 1300 light years away.... COOL!  And if a supernova happened 1.5-2 My ago, there might be ionization evidence in petrified tree rings or other fossils!

Isn't a black hole that close to us kind of... Dangerous? 

 only if a star fell into it, and we were at perfect right angles to it's rotation where an xray jet would impact us directly.... and if that were the case, the initial supernova would've done quite a number on the atmosphere, if it survived at all.... presuming this is a supernova remnant and not the remnant of a dwarf galaxy

Black Hole jet would be a pretty cool end for humanity. Much funkier than a nuclear war!

Sign me up for death by Black Hole jet! Sounds like a gnarly way to go.

sad part is everyone dies with that? #parentheartbreak

We don't know that for sure. Black Holes might just send us elsewhere in time or space...

likely the force of gravity a bit too strong for our fragile bodies to hold together to make it to the center intact 

That's what we think but who knows what's on the other side of the event horizon?

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