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The best mobile web sites are still the simplest

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I rock a Blackberry, which is still the world's least delightful mobile web experience -- although on the other side, because it's not a touch screen I don't worry about fat finger syndrome -- but I noticed that my use of mobile web is extremely biased towards the dead simple.

* No logins

* Read-only

* Relatively short content and readable (ugly) fonts

* Little or no graphics

My favorite mobile web site of all time? -- contrast with to see a "what not to do". I think also did a fantastic job with slightly more aesthetic appeal.

What are some of your favorites?

Actually, PandaWhale looks awesome on mobile. is ok. Not great, but usable.

And Reddit / Hacker News look better on mobile. Love it - HAHAHAHAHA

Texts From Last Night does have a great mobile website.

I wish more websites learned from them!

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