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Live Blog: The 2012 Presidential Election -

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Not quite a landslide but it's pretty definitive.... we really are a D+8 nation now...

does this change your personal thoughts at all? 

 I have and have had mixed feelings.  I still identify Republican, even as I preach against hard separation by party identity and even though the GOP is dominated by depraved nutjobs.  And it's a weird feeling, even tho I had no doubt that Romney would be an atrocious president, and I donated against him in the primaries, and early voted for Gary Johnson on Sunday (who was, frankly, the most genuinely Republican of the lot).

I'm amazed at how strong the pull of group psychology is in politics.

I'm soo glad the nutters lost those Senate seats... and pretty surprised at NH.

 Obama should definitely name his next dog Sandy... lol

He should name his next THREE dogs Sandy.

This feels like more of a function of the electoral college than any kind of mandate. More counties in America went for Romney; 30 states have Republican governors; and the Republicans easily control the House.

It's like we're living in the opposite of the 1980s. 

 No. There's definitely no mandate... for anybody.. Other than unforced errors, this is a status quo election.

 And the freedom to marry wins at the ballot box for the first time.... And freedom for cannbis in CO and WA it seems

minus the crazy Rep. senate elections.  Status quo = obama, so that should be good.  The result should let most of the congress get to work with him on solving problems.  Can the tea party do work? 

Obama emailed all his supporters a few minutes ago.

Obama elected

Here's where everything is now...

Election 2012 results

Obama meme it's ok -- he's gone

High five.

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