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Elizabeth Warren: our most unlikely senator!

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Elizabeth Warren now will serve in the Senate seat Ted Kennedy had for 47 years:

Stop for a minute to think about just how unlikely it is that Elizabeth Warren has been elected senator in Massachusetts. Not too many years ago, Warren was a Harvard law professor known and loved only by wonks. She wrote about the intricacies of bankruptcy law, talking mostly to lawyers and judges. In the early 2000s, she was predicting the 2008 financial crash to law school audiences, pointing out that in families in which both parents worked, they were maxing out their income capacity and their borrowing—and could be tipped over the edge if just one thing went wrong.

Good riddance, Scott Brown.

Good work, Massachusetts.

 Hate to say it... but she's the kind of person who should be in the Senate. I look forward to her sparring with Rand Paul :-)   or teaming up with him.. either way

 The great tragedy, is the Senate is now short a decent (save his idiot staffers) a moderate-to-liberal Republican .

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