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Sacca: VC self-promotion has reached intolerable levels | PandoDaily

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“I was just trying to help out in any way I possibly could, because I just really needed to get that money back some day,” he added. “Good investors are in the service business,” he said. (He eventually raised his own fund to keep investing in Twitter as the company grew. His stake in Twitter is greater than 5 percent.)

Sacca has noticed a trend among venture capitalists today who take too much credit for the success of their portfolio companies. “The art of self promotion, or taking credit for what a portfolio company has done, has reached intolerable levels right now.”

“There’s a generation of VCs who aren’t doing shit right now, who have become the stars,” he said. “I mean, how many VCs do you know that have PR teams, or have PR on retainer? There’s something totally broken about that.”

His stake in Twitter is greater than 5 percent?!

Mother of God, that's more than @jack, who owns 3% ...

Still surprised Google decided to build G+ instead of buy Twitter. 

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