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Steve Jobs was wrong about the iPad Mini. It's a hit.

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In 2010 Steve Jobs ranted that only a 10" iPad could succeed.

Turns out Steve Jobs was wrong. The 7.9" iPad Mini is a bona fide hit.

BI writes that Mini is popular because of the weight, size, and price:

Given the lower price-point of the new iPad Mini, which should get considerably cheaper over the next couple of years, it seems likely that the Mini might, in fact, fulfill the initial promise of the iPad, which was to have low-priced tablets all over the house. A tablet for each person in the family. Tablets for guests. Tablets in the kitchen. A tablet in the bathroom. Apple's Mini is still too expensive for that to happen, but the prices of other tablets are now hitting levels where it could quickly become a reality.

The Mini is a critical success: "best tablet ever".

The Mini is also a commercial success and soon it will be Apple's second best-selling item, behind the iPhone. It's far outselling Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire.

Mini is not just good for games and apps. It's also great for Web and email.

 7" != 7.9" 

It's disgusting to me how media outlets will continue to use the name of a dead man to drive hits.

Sad, really. But when it's all about eyeballs, morals and ethics go out the window.

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