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Evernote culture makes me wonder how they're succeeding.

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NY Times talks with Evernote's CEO about Evernote's company culture.

They hire for communication skills and reliability, NOT ability to innovate or simplify, technical skills, or ability to build an ass-kicking user experience.

I've tried like 20 times to use the Evernote product, and to me it's an undelightful, unfun, uninspiring, unfulfilling application.

How are these folks succeeding?

Shouldn't someone with better creativity, engineering, or product development skills be able to offer a better service?

I love Evernote. Not saying it couldn't be better but I've relied on it for years and it serves me well.

I can't stand Evernote. It's like a product that tries to do too much and doesn't do anything particularly well. It's not like I haven't tried either. I love the idea of Evernote, it's just the execution that is lacking.

I prefer plain text files + Dropbox for notes and Yojimbo for archiving things. It's not a one stop solution, but for the given task, each is a better solution for me.

Matt, that makes sense to me. I like the idea of Evernote, too.

Eric, what do you like about Evernote?

Until very recently there weren't many good cloud based systems like Evernote.

I live out of it. Between my MacBook, my iPad and my always with me iPhone I have all my data with me all the time. There's a lot to be said for that.

I have my Evernote notebooks set up to mimic GTD and it's a great system for organizing and warehousing everything.

Plus I love the email address I can use to drop stuff directly into Evernote. Makes for a seamless catch-all system with everything organized in one place vs multiple devices, hard drives, physical sticky notes and scribbled to-do lists...

Ok, I can see Evernote as a personal data warehouse. I think that's why @boonspoon uses it, too.

I wish the user experience were better, but I suppose that's really secondary to having all of your data, searchable and available everywhere.