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How Race Slipped Away From Mitt Romney -

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But thanks in large measure to super PACs, Republicans outspent the Obama campaign and its Democratic allies over the same period by roughly $50 million, shelling out nearly $250 million compared with $198 million for Democrats, according to the same figures.

Still, the super PACs were better at attacking Mr. Obama than building up Mr. Romney, and the Republican’s “likability” ratings with voters stayed low. With few public appearances and little to spend on ads, the campaign couldn’t gain any momentum. An adviser described it as a campaign of “fits and starts.”

Wait, wait, wait.

They STILL spent $50m more than Obama/Dems during mid-April through GOP nomination/convention and LOST.

So how then can they blame this period as the raison d'être for their loss?

They're missing the obvious with this convoluted psychobabble analysis.

Alienate the aliens, legal and otherwise, and they will not vote for you.


 Obama increased his minority vote by at least 1M, but there were 7M fewer white voters than in 08.  Having an abysmal minority vote kept Romney from the line in most of the battleground states, but that line wouldn't have mattered if white people showed up in the same numbers as they did in 08.

More than a few GOP strategists are going to look at this and see "not enough white people" instead of "how about we stop pissing off brown people?"  *sigh*

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